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Tyre 35-349 Schwalbe Marathon Racer - reflective strip

Tyre 35-349 Schwalbe Marathon Racer - reflective strip

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Brompton Schwalbe Marathon Racer 16 inch tyre

This Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1 1/3inch tyre was introduced for the 2018 model Brompton and is the entry level of  three tyres fitted as standard on the current Brompton folding bike range (as at end 2017)

It's slightly narrower (at 1 1/3 inches) than the old standard Brompton kevlar (previously known as "green" for it's green label) tyre (which was 1 3/8" wide).

This Schwalbe Marathon Racer 16 inch tyre was introduced to the Brompton line as a standard factory fit option in December 2017


Schwalbe Marathon Racer 16 x 1 1/3 inch features / details:

ETRO size: 35-349
Tyre pressure: 65 psi (min) to 110 psi (max) or 4.5 bar (min) to 7.5 bar (max)
Weight: 420g
Tyre bead: Wired
Directional: Yes - so the tyre needs to be fitted the correct way around

Inner tube: AV4 (Car type / Schrader valve)
Inner tube: SV4 (Presta / racing type valve)

We always recommend using no tools to fit your new tyre (i.e. hands and fingers only) to your Brompton.
Using tyre levers often results in damage to the inner tube (pinching it when levering on the tyre) or to the tyre bead (trying to force the wire bead over the rim with brute force)
Installing without tyre levers may seem difficult (or impossible) at first - but, honestly,  it's just a matter of technique
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