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Brompfication S Titanium Handlebar, Black edition

Brompfication S Titanium Handlebar, Black edition

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This is our new Black Edition titanium handlebar for the S-type Brompton. The handlebar has been PVD coated, a vacuum coating processes that deposit a thin and very durable coating.

The handlebar have the same size as the original Brompton flatbar and are made from grade 9 titanium. It has a brushed finish, similar to our titanium seatpost. The handlebar weight 145 grams, about 10 grams heavier then the original aluminium version. But then you also get a stronger and better looking handlebar, that deflect shock very well and thereby increase the riding comfort.

A beautiful match for our Black Edition titanium seatpost.

Length:        520 mm
Diameter:    25.4 mm
Bend:           5 degree 
Weight:        145 ± 5 grams

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