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Reform "The Seymour" Custom Fitted Saddle

Reform "The Seymour" Custom Fitted Saddle

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NOTE: Custom Fitted Saddle fitting must be done in store.

W  142mm  L   252mm

Weight: 197g
7x 10mm carbon monocoque rail
Black on black with a side of carbon

The Reform, Seymour, is a thermo-mouldable, high-performance, bike saddle designed for cyclists who strive to get the most out of every ride. The nature of the dynamic, on-bike moulding process allows the Seymour to mitigate points of unwanted pressure, ensure direct and equal weight distribution and balance asymmetry in both the body and pedal stroke, giving you a true custom saddle feel. By moulding the saddle to change its shape we achieve a performance saddle that does not forgo comfort.

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