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Joseph Kuosac Piumanera Limited Edition Wheelset

Joseph Kuosac Piumanera Limited Edition Wheelset

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1) Carbon-graphene Material by Toray: Increased structural strength and heat-dissipation capability.

2)38mm Height Design: Increased aerodynamic and wind-breaking efficiency.

3) Water-draining System: Relieves water build-up and eliminated uneven rotation.

4) Narrow-flange Hub System: Maintaining 700C-equivalent geometric structural integrity of the rim, spokes and hub.

5) Ceramic Bearing Hub Design: Ceramic bearing offers greater rotational consistency and longer reliability. Ceramic ball bearings are far less corrosive than steel ball bearings which minimizes rotational friction. Ceramic ball bearings are also far less susceptible to high-and-low temperature swings that causes materialistic expansion and contraction, which impacts rotational friction. The ceramic ball bearing of Piumanera JK hub is CS-tuned (Ceramic Speed), world’s top of the line.

6) Double-crossed Spoke Lacing System: Design referencing spoke lacing style that of classic Harley Davidson. Increased structural integrity for high payload (combined static 2000kg+) and high-torque transmission applications.

7) Italian-design: Aesthetic by designer for Lamborghini and Ferrari, optically pleasing to speed and elegance.

8) Spoke: Sappim Black Laser, top of the line.

9) Handmade and limited: 50 sets, serialized.
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