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F100 Matt Care Spray

F100 Matt Care Spray

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The F100 Matt Care Spray by Dr. Wack offers you extremely long protection against weather influences such as rain and UV radiation. The water- and dirt-repellent properties of this spray make water simply roll off. All matte surfaces can be treated with the F100 Matt Care Spray without losing the special matte look. So you can not only clean and maintain your bike, but also your helmet and other matte parts with the spray.


- extremely long protection against environmental influences
- water repellent effect
- water- and dirt-repellent
- easy to use
- also suitable for the care of other matte objects


- shake well before using
- spray on a soft, lint-free cloth (or directly on the surface)
- spread evenly over the cleaned, dry surface
- leave to dry briefly
- polish with fresh, soft, lint-free cloth

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