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F100 Chain Oil Spray Bottle 300ml

F100 Chain Oil Spray Bottle 300ml

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The F100 chain oil by Dr. Wack provides your chain with perfect lubrication, thus considerably reducing the amount of force required and the noise generated by the chain. The PTFE additive guarantees enormous ease of movement for all moving parts and at the same time offers an extremely high wear protection. Due to the high creep and adhesive effect, the F100 chain oil also makes it into hard-to-reach areas and thus guarantees top corrosion protection.


Designation: F100 Chain Oil
Application: lubricant


- suitable for every part that needs lubricant
- significantly reduces friction
- excellent protection against corrosion and wear
- really good flow properties
- long-lasting adhesive function, even under strain and rain
- for 2 litre canisters with 50 ml dropping bottle as an addition (incl. tap)


- shake well before using
- spray a thin layer of chain oil onto the inside of the clean, dry chain
- let air dry for approx. 5 minutes
- wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth
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