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Brompton front carrier block assembly

Brompton front carrier block assembly

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The Brompton front carrier block is one of our best selling Brompton accessories.

The carrier block is essential if you are using Brompton luggage - carrying bags on the front of the Brompton is easy and minimises any effect on bike handling.

You will require the following tools to install the carrier block:
4mm allen key / hex wrench
Cross head screwdriver
2.5mm allen key / flat head screwdriver - to remove blanking screws if present.

This is the block as described below by Brompton:

Quote: Brompton front luggage options are based on the Brompton 'Front Carrier System'. Luggage is attached via a frame that latches securely onto a tapered block. It takes a second to attach or release your bag and the load is attached directly to the main frame - with little effect on steering.

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