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Pedal ED Odyssey Gloves Black

Pedal ED Odyssey Gloves Black

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Long Distance Cycling Gloves





When preparing to race or ride extreme distances, there are many challenges to plan for. Yet while considering the obvious problems like general fitness, finding the right saddle and packing supplies, it can be easy to overlook equally important issues, such as protecting hands for the long roads ahead. We designed the Odyssey Long Distance Cycling Gloves to help ultra-endurance athletes go the distance, no matter how far that may be. Built around an innovative palm protection padding from Elastic Interface®, the Odyssey bike gloves absorb the impact of bumps, ruts and road buzz to minimize hand numbness and fatigue. The laser perforated palm center and specifically selected fabrics let your hands breath easily, avoiding overly sweaty, slippery digits. Whether racing the Transcontinental or embarking on a solo trip across the continent, the Odyssey Long Distance Gloves are built to get you there.




• Elastic Interface® ergonomic pad
• Hand mapping foam construction
• Laser perforated palm center
• Perforated knitted fabric to wipe sweat
• Breathable




65% Polyamide, 35% Elastane.

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