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Saddle Height insert

The Brompton Saddle Height Insert was a new addition to 2015 model Brompton folding bikes, but like so much in the Brompton design world is backwards compatible

We think this is one of the best enhancements to the Brompton - along with the rear frame clip. If you are sharing a Brompton with multiple riders, it's not quite so useful.

It's purpose it to help you set your preferred saddle height (like having a memory seat function in your car - but low-tech!), so you have to spend less time in pre-ride adjustment when unfolding the bike. The insert is fitted as standard to all new (2015 onwards) Bromptons.

The saddle height insert is supplied free with all new Brompton bicycles - so an alternative to this upgrade would be to invest in a new Brompton bike :-)

Designed in-house at Brompton and patented, the saddle height insert is designed to make your Brompton riding life just that little bit easier.

Fitting instructions for the height insert sleeve can be found on the download tab and come with it too

Tools required for installation:
5mm hex / allen key
Marker pen / tipex / masking tape

There is also an instructional video on Youtube from Brompton - here.

Brompton Q part code: QSP-HTINSERT