Limited Ed ORZ with CX RAY bladed spokes

Please note you will need to purchase a front wheel quick release axle in order to use this wheelset. 


The most famous aero spoke produced by Sapim, the CX-ray. Yes we are using these spokes to laced wheels for your Brompton. Extremely limited as Sapim produces limited short lengths 




Type Weight (x64@260mm) Strength Fatique life (revolutions)
Zinc 424g 950-1050n/mm2 700,000
Leader 421g 1080-1180n/mm2 870,000
Strong 430g 1400n/mm2 1.6 million
Force 368g 1350n/mm2 2 million
Race 360g 1350n/mm2 980,000
D-Light 309g 1300n/mm2
Laser 279g 1500n/mm2 1.25 million
CX 423g 1200n/mm2 To be announced
CX-Ray 272g 1600n/mm2 3.5 million
Super spoke 231g To be announced To be announced
CX Super To be announced To be announced To be announced

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