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Brompton brake caliper - front - dual pivot

Dual pivot, side pull, bottom fed Brompton brake caliper

Consists of assembled brake caliper, with Fibrax brake pads/holders complete with replacement gaiter.

This document from Park Tool could be helpful if you are trying to set-up your brakes

The front brake caliper has a slightly longer brake bolt than the rear brake caliper, as it has to pass through the crown of the front fork rather than the narrower rear brake bridge.

Tools required: 10mm spanner

Brompton brakes history:

  • MK3 - this one - is the dual pivot Brompton caliper in an anodized finish introduced in 2008/2009 
  • The MK3 was originally in silver and introduced in 2000/2001 but didn't become standard equipment until 2006
  • MK2 was a single pivot from Alhonga
  • MK1 was a single pivot from Saccon

Brompton Q part code: QBRCALDPF